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  • BOOKS SET: Books set is carries three books (Basic Level, Regular level, Advance level).Each book is easy to understand and mention very easy learning steps. We provide vocabulary lists, useful phrases and sentences, idioms, sample letters and information about English-speaking countries in our Vocabulary section. (Books contains Adjectives, Adverbs and Adverbial Phrases, Prepositions, Connectors,Types of Sentences, Sentences Structure, Direct and Indirect Speech Punctuation)

  • CD SET: These audio-visual aids will prove to be a great help to sharpen your spoken English skills. These provide you with correct pronunciation and speaking styles. The first hand experience of multimedia support along with the theoretical material expedites your learning experience of English.  Presents a comprehensive English Grammar in a twin CD pack that will give you a complete knowledge on grammar to enhance your language. (Nouns, Pronouns, Determines, Verbs, Tenses, Subject, Verb Agreement, Modal, Verbs)

  • Computer Learning SET: This kit can help you learn basic computer (Software, Hardware, Multimedia, Internet and others) skills without wasting extra money at any computer learning institute.

  • Dictionary: Dictionary provided in the package is from Hindi/Bangle/ Tamil etc to English. This especially designed dictionary is collection of words from day to day usage. This dictionary is an aid to enhance your word power.

  • Practice Book: Practice book is especially designed to make you much more familiar with English words. You also get this comprehensive exercise book to polish your recently acquired language skills.

  • Tense chart: A colorful poster size TENSE CHART(consist of all Past Present and Future Tense and it is provided in our package to make you well verse with basic, regular and advance rules of English language.

  • Different Languages: This package in available in different languages as per customer requirement.

  • English Learning Guidelines: Talk English will help your pronunciation so you can speak English more fluently and all the guidelines are provided in this package. Follow these instructions properly.

  • Hour for Practice: You need to practice daily for 30 Days properly and all the hours practice is mentioned in this package.